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How will you handle a disagreement with another moderator over an action one of you has taken (or will be taking) on a post that requires moderator attention?


I think the "nomination" itself best describes what happened: https://tex.stackexchange.com/election/2?tab=nomination#post-620218


How would you handle this situation: A newbie has posted an answer that should more properly have been a comment, but the newbie doesn't have enough rep. Enough votes have been posted to delete it. A flag has been posted requesting conversion to a comment. Would you leave the deletion and ignore the flag, or convert the "answer" to a comment as ...


How would you handle a situation where An earlier question is a duplicate or near-duplicate of a new one The top answer to the older question appears out of date A new answer to the old question would be buried at the bottom and would never realistically be seen by people who would benefit from it


I'll add my contrarian view here. While it's undoubtably true that there are accepted answers that are either no longer valid or not as good as other answers, I'm not sure that this fact alone is enough of an argument to unpin accepted answers. Surely the measure of whether it makes sense to unpin is if that number is sufficiently large, and other than the ...


In which time zone do you live?


What would you like to change of the current style of moderation? (If you would like to change anything.)


How much time do you spend on TeX.SE a day?


Your gentle nudge has made me think. It has never occurred to me to upvote a question, although on the very rare occasion I have downvoted one or voted for closure. I will in future consider whether or not to vote positively on a question. However my viewpoint is more from an answerer's side. I don't know what reputation an OP requires to acknowledge an ...


This site covers technologies that are actively under development, and it’s been around for a long time. It’s sometimes the case that an old question has an accepted or highly-voted answer that worked well at the time, but has become obsolete since then. We might want a newer, updated answer to be at the top for anyone trying to solve the same problem ...


I'm Tom and currently I work at the Overleaf Support. We are actively monitoring the main site for the overleaf tag, so when a question is related to our platform, we shall get notified about it. (And Overleaf is not tagged, feel free tag it and/or to ping me in the chat, I'm often hanging around.) When the question is an Overleaf bug/imperfection, we try to ...

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