Looking at https://tex.meta.stackexchange.com/editing-help there is apparently a way to specify that no syntax highlighting should take place by specifying <!-- language: lang-none --> at the beginning of the post and then you can get \keys_define:nn { sort } as desired.


Hmmm... looking around after posting in Meta I found this in the highlight.js site: «At best I'd consider our Latex support to be more of a "placeholder" than a real grammar... If someone would like to pitch in here to help I'd be more than happy to answer any HLJS specific questions about our grammars, etc.»


That can't be done due to privacy concerns: Since the pasteboard may contain sensitive data, javascript in a web page is not allowed read access. There is ongoing work allowing this in very limited contexts, though. For example, see Async Clipboard API (WebKit); especially, the headline “Security and Privacy”. But if you have to respond to a privacy related ...


Done! Mission accomplished. Thank you.


For a more complete picture: that answer has been flagged two times: as being "not an answer" for having "very low quality" So for me the completed question becomes: should a moderator delete badly shaped answers with bad content (see barbara's comment there to know why) after users complained? You linked two good existing meta ...

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