Several reasons: We vote a lot, and we vote up. We have a narrow scope, which means there are people who can answer almost any question. For some people, TeX and friends is almost a religion which they practise through this website. Oh and I forgot to say: We vote a lot. That's it I think. PS: Did I mention that we vote a lot?


My favorite (La)TeX editor is...


I use the following fonts: (Please link to font's page in the font catalogue http://www.tug.dk/FontCatalogue/ which has examples and the necessary code, not to CTAN.)


As Tom and David mentioned in the comments, we just upvote. Even if one feels the urge to downvote a question or an answer, we encourage different approaches, like leaving a comment to help make the content better or point crass errors, or simply do not upvote the content at all (but still pointing what is going on). A question or answer that shows effort ...


I mainly use the following (La)TeX compiler and tool chain: (Feel free to add combinations like latex+dvips+ps2pdf)


I use the TeX distribution ...


LaTeX Packages A-M Symbol legend: BitBucket, GitHub, Launchpad, Google Code, GitLab abc: Enrico Gregorio (egreg) abraces: Werner Grundlingh (Werner) accents: Javier Bezos accsupp: Heiko Oberdiek acro: Clemens Niederberger (clemens) acronym: Heiko Oberdiek with Tobias Oetiker adforn: cfr [LaTeX support only] adfsymbols: cfr [LaTeX support only] ...


I use (La)TeX on the following platform(s):


I use the following version control software for my (La)TeX files:


Our next interviewee: To be announced



While I wholeheartedly agree with this attempt, I refuse to do anything about it. Any site that has this much traffic should be able to hire proper UX experts and get rid of this mind-numbing stupid design. And I would like to emphasize that I choose my words very carefully. Anybody knows me over the years know that I really don't target any individuals but ...


I have used the following packages / classes: (more than once or twice) Use format: [<name>](http://www.ctan.org/pkg/<name>)


I use the following document viewer (to view PDF, DVI, PS and similar files)... Please link to the viewer in answers and add the platform for which it is available. This might be interesting for other people. If you use an IDE's viewer write an answer in the form "the viewer of x".


I create the diagrams for my (La)TeX documents using ... Possible choices: TikZ, PGF, PSTricks, xypic, picture environment, MS Visio, Inkscape, ... Select 'PGF' if you really using the low level PGF commands, but 'TikZ' if you use that higher level interface.


Upvote = Yes! Please sign us up for hats! Downvote = No thank you, I'd rather enjoy a regular day at the office.


LaTeX Packages N-Z Symbol legend: BitBucket, GitHub, Launchpad, Google Code, GitLab nameref: Heiko Oberdiek with Sebastian Rahtz newfloat: Axel Sommerfeldt newunicodechar: Enrico Gregorio (egreg) newverbs: Martin Scharrer nfssext-cfr: cfr noindentafter: Michiel Helvensteijn (mhelvens) nopageno: David Carlisle notes2bib: Joseph Wright nowidow: ...


I have read the following TeX/LaTeX books:


What do you dislike in (La)TeX?


Mae hwyaden TeX SE yn pleidleisio'n aml iawn. Esbonnir popeth gan hwyaid. Gerald_G, Rubber Duck Family TeX SE's duck votes frequently. Everything is explained by ducks.


I'm a member of the user group... Please add 'none, I'm not in any (La)TeX related user group.' if it applies.


I upvote. A lot. People vote for my answers, so I have to vote. It's rare I don't upvote a question I answer to: as one of the moderators once told me, “if you deem a question worthy answering, then it's also worth a vote”. I also vote answers: when they solve a problem in a “good way”, I think they deserve a vote. What a “good way” is probably depends on ...


Oh my, I really don't know what to say. :) TeX.sx wouldn't be the same without you. Thanks for sharing your knowlegde with the community. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Thanks for making TeX.sx a better place. Thanks for being here in every moment. You are a great friend. A true friend. Grazie mille, Enrico. Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro.


My favorite aspects of TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, and related typesetting systems are...


I use TeX mainly in the following academic or professional field:


Support Scripts Symbol legend: BitBucket, GitHub, Launchpad arara: Paulo Cereda, Marco Daniel, Nicola Talbot and Brent Longborough bib2gls: Nicola Talbot checkcites: Enrico Gregorio (egreg) and Paulo Cereda check-parens: Jaap Eldering (eldering) csv2latex: Alan Munn ctanupload: Martin Scharrer dosepsbin: Heiko Oberdiek jmakepdfx: Nicola Talbot ...


This poll is used to know the distribution of TeX users based on their nationalities. Please carefully choose only one option per person, don't make a mistake, and someone with administrative privilege might be watching you! There is also a Data Explorer query that uses the information entered in the user profiles. Top ten countries by user numbers as ...


The signal-to-noise ratio on TeX.SX (and other SE sites) is very good: The interface makes harder to add noise, and it is always clear what the question is and what the answers are. And the community usually removes any noise quickly.


Legend: Assembla BitBucket CTAN GitHub LaTeX2e LaTeX3 SourceForge Not applicable Code corpus :: Sean Allred :: Andrew Cashner (musarithmia) :: David Carlisle :: dustin :: Paulo Cereda :: Claudio Fiandrino :: Christian Feuersänger :: Paul Gaborit :: Paul Gessler :: Patrick Gundlach :: Patrick Gundlach (for Speedata) :: David Haberthür1 :...

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