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Welcome to TeX.SX!

Welcome to TeX.SX, the free, community driven Questions and Answers site for users of TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, and related typesetting systems. Here is some information to help you get started and to make ...
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New support package for MWEs

I often saw that MWEs which include images can be a little bit of a problem. There are no common images in the TEXMF tree which could be used. Even the famous PS tiger is not directly accessible. ...
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Thanks to the Community

I know that the post will very likely be deleted. I try it anyway: I just finished my (German) PHD project and I wanted to thank the community here for all the help and inspiration. The thesis can ...
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Running a questionaire across the TeX user base

I'm in the process of experimenting with river detection in paragraphs and as part of the research I would like to get a questionaire filled out by TeX users (and perhaps users of other systems). So ...
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Mac OS changes that affect lots of answers

Those us who are Mac users may be aware that the next version of OS X will change major aspects of the the way users can interact with the underlying Unix infrastructure of the OS. In particular, ...
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New package, selnolig, that automates suppression of typographic ligatures

Update 2013/05/28: The selnolig package is now on the CTAN, at Comments and critiques always welcome! The email address you may use to contact me is given at the bottom ...
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Passing of our friend Brent Longborough

It is with great sorrow that I write this thread to inform you of the passing of our dear friend Brent Longborough, on December 6th, 2021. According to his family, he passed with honour and grace, at ...
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Thank you TeX.SE!

I just got my first book published and I would like to thank everyone here at TeX.SE for the help that they provided by answering the questions that I posted. I know that accepting an answer is ...
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The Unofficial TeX-SX FAQ

Welcome to (otherwise known as TeX-SX or TeX-SE). This is the unofficial FAQ which we've put together to help you figure out how to make best use of this site. There is an ...
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Leslie Lamport wins Turing Award

This "question" is probably off topic for even meta because it's not a question really and it's not directly related to TeX or the site, but... I thought I'd mention that Leslie Lamport (creator of ...
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Comments on the new site design

The page asking for comments on the new site design is so heavily downvoted that it doesn't appear on the Active Meta page, nor does it appear in the Hot meta questions. It intermittently appears on ...
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Changing vote buttons back to pen nibs

TeX.SE lost its iconic voting icons in The Great Undesign of 2018, while some other sites were allowed to keep their custom voting buttons. That was a very tragic day for the site. Luckily SO now ...
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This SE site is probably the most welcoming of the whole network

This is not a question but a subjective opinion I have expressed elsewhere as well. I am on SE for 12 or so years and I was always disappointed by the toxicity of many main "SE network nodes"...
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Are Asymptote questions on topic?

I asked a question about Asymptote which was closed as off topic. Asymptote: convert triple to array I believe it fits within the scope of the site in much the same way a pure metapost question ...
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Wouldn't it be nice if we can also bookmark the answer?

I am talking about the star in the right side of questions. It is a method to keep track of important questions. However for me, it is a list of important solutions for those problems that I probably ...

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