The tags and both contain the same kind of questions. is the more general tag (also allowing for dvi and ps viewers), so I think should be merged into it.

Additionally, many of the questions are also tagged , which is incorrect according to the tag wiki. Should the tag be removed or should the tag wiki be changed. (IMO, tagging something + would make sense, so I'm for modifying the tag wiki.)

Since there doesn't seem to be any opposition, could some mod please do the merging. I'll add to the questions afterwards.

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Yes, combining tags for specific things like {viewers} + {pdf} should be allowed. We could change the last part of the tag from:

If your question concerns PDF reader software, choose {pdf-reader} or a reader specific tag such as {acrobat}, {evince} or {okular}.

to something like:

If your question concerns PDF reader software, also add the {viewer} tag or choose a reader specific tag such as {acrobat}, {evince} or {okular}.

The can then made a synonym of . It's a pity that it can't be made a synonym of two tags.


I think either we keep the tag or we encourage using together with the format tag , or . It should be possible to filter the the viewer questions which are relevant for the format I'm using. I vote for the second option, one tag and suggested use with additional format tag.

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