According to the tag wiki:

This tag marks questions which are about packages in general, for instance about installing, using or writing packages.

We also have 6 questions tagged with , none of which is tagged .

Is the tag redundant and should be merged into ? Or should we remove the ”writing”-part from ? Or should be a tag that can be applied in addition to ?

Further, current usage seems to be tag requests for a package that does something specific with . Should there be a separate tag for these kinds of question? (We had a tag, but I was only used by one question. )

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In my opinion should be preserved because creation and writing is very different to usage. Package writers should be able to find specific questions instead of looking them up among a huge amount of choosing and using questions.

As the general tag is mostly used for requests regarding recommendations of packages, I would not introduce another tag for that. Renaming or a synonym would be possible. But I don't see a need for that action. For specific questions there might be tags created, such as or if meaningful. It's good to differentiate. I just don't see the need to retag 50 questions to .

I would edit the wiki to clarify that for questions about writing the other tag should be chosen.

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