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Answer deleted by moderator because "not good practice"

For a more complete picture: that answer has been flagged two times: as being "not an answer" for having "very low quality" So for me the completed question becomes: should a ...
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Improve experience for new users with helpful comments

Two suggestions here: We already have a method for converting answers into comments - flagging a post for moderator attention. Don't let the review queues define your actions. Go to the post and flag ...
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How tell who deleted an answer and when?

This was an answer deleted by its owner (Mico): Such views (like the one above) are only available to users with at least 10K reputation as part of the moderator tools privilege. However, it is still ...
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Request for minimum time and/or moderation attention before an Answered Question can be deleted

Rather than asking the system for protection, you might relax your expectations from answering a question. Lately I don't have access to a working TeX installation, hence I'm trying to answer things ...
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