When I look at the accounts listed at a "users"-page, I do not see any of the meta accounts (not even when on meta.tex.stackexchange.com, at my own users-page, and choosing "view more"). While meta does not have its own reputation but inherits it from the main page, the "last seen", "badges", "questions", and "answers" are meta-specific. Where can I find the meta-accounts-list? If there is no such list: Why not?

(If there is no such list and there is no good reason against it, the tag would be feature-request.)


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If you have an account on a main site, you have an "implicit" account on the meta site. However, if you have never participated on a meta, your meta account won't exist quite yet.

But the intent is for the meta account to be assumed, with the caveat that not everyone makes it over to meta (or needs to).

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