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Spam the act of putting unwanted and disruptive content on the site.

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Is it allowed to mass edit answers for grammar mistakes?

I have been pretty much going on an editing spree for answers with poor grammar. I want to make sure that it is allowed, since it is telling me I have too many pending edits and now I'm worried... In ...
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What will trigger a spam warning on a "First question"?

Checking the review queue for "first questions", the first question in the queue was accompanied by the message "Our system has identified this post as possible spam; please review ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Spam like answers occuring in the evening (10-11pm Eastern Standard Time USA)

I have been flagging multiple answers on the board for the last couple of evenings where a 'new' user (with no reputation) has posted either the question, an answer, a selection of comments, or a ...
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Spam Filter in the Stack Exchange Website

Recently, in the site, there was a question which was detected as a spam. I dont know if the question is deleted now. When I saw it, It had got 5 downvotes. I request the ...
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Spam and flagging

With the recent rash of spamming, I am running lower and lower on flags. What do we do to notify the right people about spam when my flags are gone for the day? Also, this rash of spamming was by ...
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can this spam poster be dealt with soon This user has posted 3 times in the last 5 mins. I would hate to see what happens if we wait too long. So this person seems to be upset with SO ...
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