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What are the “TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange guidelines” - closing questions

My question (Fonts appear in different sizes) gets close-votes because it "has been resolved" I thought that this is exactly the purpose of this site. Which guidelines did I violate to get ...
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I solved my own question that was closed and deleted It turns out the same problem happens when you install a lot of new fonts. XeLaTeX takes a while to "load" them or whatever ...
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It is appropriate to point out (really) bad style that would otherwise be off-topic to the question at hand?

Say you have a new user of TeX systems, presumably migrating from more DIY editors. Let's say this user does something like the following: Why can't I make the Tex logo? \documentclass{article} \...
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(How much) should we wait for a MWE from the OP?

I tried to make the question as concise as possible. I apologize if it appears misleading after reading further on and invite you to find a better 'title'. And now to the core of the problem: AFAIK, ...
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Changing acceptance after a long time

This is meant as a conclusion (and possible continuation) of a comment-discussion I had with @Daniel around this answer. I have a strong opinion on this myself, but I'm here for a very short time and ...
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Should I post a follow up question, or just add more info to an earlier question that did not have a MWE

I posted a question related to PGFplot Axis Labels Detaching From Graph while ago and finally have one small example can reproduce a similar problem. Is it better for me to post a follow up question (...
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8 votes
2 answers

Which answer to accept if the answer with solution is based on an answer with the important insight?

Let's say that someone only gives a hint and someone else, perhaps even the asker, then creates a full solution based on it. Which of the answers should be the accepted one? On the one hand, it ...
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3 answers

(Further) guidelines on accepting answers

I asked a question a few moments ago and someone answered straight away. Then, a while later someone else proposed an alternative way of doing the same thing. The answers are not all that different ...
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Where should images go?

I recently posted an answer and wanted to include a figure I made for it. I ended up putting it on my institutional account, but I realize that this is not ideal (since the account will probably be ...
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