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Should we make the actions of "user" Community more advanced?

I have seen many questions bumped to the homepage by Community ♦. Many of the bumpings are very good: they tell us of unsolved questions which we can't find out in the set of more than 11k unanswered ...
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13 votes
1 answer

How should I bump a question?

If there is an old question that has received no or inadequate answers, it is likely not going to get an answer without intervention, as it is not appearing high enough on the lists of new or ...
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16 votes
7 answers

Editing own questions to move up on frontpage

When a user edits her/his own question frequently, it's ensured that it stays high up on the front-page. This is an easy way of continously bumping one's own question up. Is this desired? (How) Can ...
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21 votes
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Can I edit a post without bumping it to the front page?

I often come across questions that are old and worked for the OP, but could be made better (formatting, spelling, etc.). These reasons don't really warrant it going back up to the front page -- is ...
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