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Meta TeX.SE Text building blocks (pre-written common replies) [Text building blocks](https://tex.meta.stackexchange.com/q/430) (pre-written common replies) I've just been asked to write a minimal ...

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How can we improve the "quality" of questions so a search for information is more reliable?
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Imagine the question was badly not as well phrased as it could be, but received interesting answer. In such case, why not create a new question, and flag it as duplicate of the former one, so that we ...

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New top bar... feedback?
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Issue now solved, thanks to an update of the top-bar I would like to emphasis the fact that the choice of the red color for the StackExchange logo is not, imho, very successful. Indeed, due to the ...

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The duck giveaway 2016, seasonal edition
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Yipee! I'd go for 13 and 17, as well as 123! Thank you!

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Who Wants to Win a LaTeX Book in 2016?
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That would be a nice present I'm not sure I could convince my wife to offer me (-;. Thank you for the lottery! I'd entrust my luck to 017! (Card punched) Edit: My second choice is 130 for no ...

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The duck giveaway 2016
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Since duck shall be the answer, and since even random seems to be duck-dependant in this case, I choose: 39 because DUCK = 4+21+3+11 196 because DUCK = 4*21*3*11 = 2772 and 2*7*7*2=196

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How do I get my reputation up to 15 so I can upvote?
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I would also suggest to ask (good) questions. Of course, some questions are more 'trendy' and thus more likely to get dozen of up-votes. But an interesting and well asked question is likely to be ...

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