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TeX, Python etc. are my hobbies, sort of...

I quit all the mailing lists in 2012, because it wasn't to my liking anymore as I needed to preserve my emails to my work, I have also lost interest in Google Groups for the same reason. This format of TeX.SX suits me well, I wish I found it earlier, I was wondering where TeXists share their experiments and unfinished work next to CTAN, TUGboat, CSTUG Zpravodaj etc. where rather finished work is presented.

My contributions in the TeX world:

  • I helped Michal Mádr with translation and polishing of the lshort-czech manual.
  • My family and I helped Jano Kula & comp. with organizing the ConTeXt meetings in 2010 and 2013 hold in Brejlov near Prague.
  • My colleagues (Zdeněk Wagner, Miloš Brejcha, Jan Šustek and many more), my family and I with support of CSTUG have organized the TeXperience conferences since 2008 (it has been rather local gathering of Czech and Slovak TeXists). I have no plans organizing it again (2014+). I used all my ideas and I think TeXists could go to a pub without my intervention.
  • I helped with Zpravodaj of the CSTUG.
  • These days I am responsible for the TeX section of the OSSConf conference which will take place in Žilina, Slovakia, July, 1-3, 2015. I am doing so since 2010 with Aleš Kozubík, present chief organizer of the conference.
  • I was teaching TeX and friends at university in Zlín since around 2004. The faculty management cancelled my course in 2012 without noticing me in advance, so I left university after I had finished what needed to be accomplished.
  • I published some books and articles about TeX, but the topics are not important.
  • I was working on a book on TikZ+pgfplots, a small collection of older snippets is available at, but I wasn't sure if it is a good idea to work on it anymore after discovering TeXample.

In my work, I am mixing the LaTeX format with the TeX primitives frequently. I keen to LuaLaTeX. I like that idea of learning modern programming language and doing some TeXing at the same time. My first testing project of computing something like 1200! used BigNum and BigRat libraries.

I am using all major graphics engines at a certain level: Metapost, PSTricks, Asymptote and TikZ+pgfplots. I welcomed tikzDevice library in R, TikZ3, I like export options in GeoGebra. I like many packages and dirty tricks.

The Python world: I like Sage, Sage notebook and an idea of the SageTeX created by Robert Mařík from Brno, the Czech Republic.

Now, let's get back to the (Lua)TeX world...

P.S. I can be reached at my display name at gmail dot com.

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