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The duck giveaway 2016
2 votes

Well, I'll choose 019 and 099 because they are my fave numbers. :D

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Tags displayed in bold
15 votes

Honestly the SE sites have generally very good designs and very nice choices in regards to how things appear, but the tag change is really a punch in the eye. The tags now are as black as the text, ...

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Renaming question for better search results
3 votes

I agree with the others about respecting the original meaning, although you don't need to ask the original author. You can tell them if you want, but you don't have to. So feel free to do it, but ...

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When flagging for close: Adding a reason
12 votes

The feature you're requesting already exists. When closing as Off Topic, you can add a custom reason if you feel that the default ones are not appropriate. In this case a comment is automatically ...

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How do I draw this.....?
8 votes

I agree with Ulrike in her perspective. The problems I've noticed are various. I understand that being polite is good and I often try to word the (few) comments I post in a neutral manner. And I'm ...

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Detail in question changed after one answer already given; change question or new question?
2 votes

If the change is minor, a detail or something that is easily achievable, you can add that to the question and notify each answerer posting a comment to each answer. If the change is major and/or not ...

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Should I change a question title once I know the answer?
7 votes

Check these questions (and their answers): Changing the title of a post, modify incorrect title based on answers [duplicate] Should question titles be adjusted to actual cause of a problem The ...

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What do these red-colored post entries mean?
Accepted answer
5 votes

Look at this question on MSO: What do the colors on Stack Overflow mean? Does that question contains one of your favorited tags?

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