Alain Matthes

Mathematics teacher.

I'm the author of some packages (these packages are part of MikTeX and TeXLive and you can find them on the ctan servers)

  1. tkz-base : Tools for drawing with a cartesian coordinate system with PGF/TikZ.
  2. tkz-euclide : It is designed to create figures based on Euclidean geometry with PGF/TikZ.
  3. tkz-fct : tkz-fct.sty uses tkz-base and gnuplot to draw graph of functions with a Cartesian (rectangular) coordinate system.
  4. tkz-graph : Draw graph-theory graphs.
  5. tkz-berge : Macros for drawing graphs of graph theory.
  6. tkz-linknodes : The package arose from a requirement to link the elements of an amsmath align or aligned environment. The package makes use of PGF/TikZ.
  7. tkz-tab : The package provides comprehensive facilities for preparing lists of signs and variations, using PGF.
  8. tkzexample and tkz-doc.cls (experimental) This bundle offers a documentation class ( tkz-doc ) and a package ( tkzexample ). These files are used in the documentation of my packages.
  9. tkz-kiviat : Macros to draw Kiviat's graph.
  10. alterqcm : qcm in a table;
  11. tikzrput : rput for pgf
  12. pgfornament : version pgf of psvectorian

Some examples of these packages are on my sites : altermundus.com (en) and altermundus.fr (fr)

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