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questions/366074/ and questions/366223/; I am speechless
11 votes

I think the title of the former doesn't help. We say we don't want "do this for me" questions, and this effectively has "do this for me" in the title. There isn't even a link like https://en....

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Why do (top) users on this site have such high reputations?
10 votes

A few factors I don't think have been mentioned above: There's often more than one right way to do things, or a best way and a most suitable way. This can lead to multiple highly-voted answers for a ...

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Answer is good, but not quite finished. I finished, what do I do?
10 votes

I suggest an option 3: Accept the answer that gave you the solution, and post your own answer. We have many questions here with multiple valid answers, that's desirable. If there are flaws in the ...

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Policy on upcoming updates and saying thanks
9 votes

Personally I would have used a comment (actually 2: 1 for the thanks, 1 for the announcement), but I wouldn't flag/downvote the answer either. It's clearly well-intentioned and something of a ...

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TeX.SE really are nicer voters
8 votes

I think when you can define and help a newbie it's easier to be patient than at say english.SE, where there are a lot of "take it to ELL" type answers along with plenty ofinteresting discussions. I ...

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Preserve [overleaf] tag if the question concerns an error/unexpected output
7 votes

As a general rule, in case of errors or unexpected output, we should err on the side of more information rather than less. This wouldn't be the first time an editor has caused a compilation error by ...

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Relicensing code from answers
6 votes

Any code of mine that I publish on I hereby place in the public domain to the extent governable by law. Explicitly, I place it under the CC0.

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Why LyX specific posts on are often been ignored?
5 votes

I've set LyX as an ignored tag. I'm probably not alone. Looking at the 30 most recent questions tagged LyX, 18 are posts that would be pointless (too LyX-specific) for me to open based on the title ...

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What is the etiquette for providing an answer already in the comments?
4 votes

Further opinion: A fairly new user (or new to answering) should be encouraged to write the answer themself. They could use the rep (of course they've got enough to comment if we're asking this, but ...

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