Christian Gagné

I work as a teaching assistant in computer science, with extensive previous experience as a research and teaching assistant in French literature.

In my daily work, I use:

  • Python, HTML, CSS and some occasional Emacs Lisp,
  • Emacs for (increasingly) everything, in particular the AUCTeX, Org, nXML and SGML modes,
  • TeX Live,
  • LibreOffice,
  • Firefox’s Developer Tools,
  • Pandoc and various other Markdown tools,
  • Web IDEs such as Brackets and Visual Studio Code.

I use LaTeX to:

  • typeset documents authored in OpenDocument, Org, Markdown and other formats,
  • maintain bibliographic databases,
  • typeset Python code in classic Algol-like fashion,
  • produce content for the Web,
  • write articles, narrative fiction and poetry.

I am also interested in ConTeXt, especially for its XML capabilities and its unique design methodology. I hope to learn more TikZ and MetaPost in the near future.

I contribute to Ask LibreOffice: here is my user profile on that site.