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40 votes

Should AI answers be banned?

26 votes

Why does TeX require such elaborate MWE:s

23 votes

Preparing for Groundhog Day

22 votes

Promotional material in usernames

21 votes

(How much) should we wait for a MWE from the OP?

20 votes

How to deal with overleaf incompatibilities?

19 votes

TUG Membership: Names for 2014

19 votes

How do I draw this.....?

17 votes

How to encourage people to send bug reports instead of using SX as kind of bugtracker, or at least send a bug report additionally?

12 votes

What makes a good MWE?

11 votes

Who plans to go to TUG 2018 in Rio de Janeiro?

10 votes

Let us have some TeX-mas fun [completed]

10 votes

Does this community really subscribe to a policy on down-voting, that requires prior commenting?

9 votes

Is there a way to give anonymous feedback without flagging?

9 votes

Make TeX.SX look nice again!

8 votes

When will @egreg reach 654321

8 votes

Help me to find a topic for the next DuckBoat!

7 votes

TeX new site theme is live

6 votes

The duck giveaway 2016

5 votes

Should we "educate" (new) users by not answering until...?

5 votes

Tag "Why?": Could a tag for questions asking for the reason be useful?

4 votes

Relicensing code from answers

3 votes

When are big-list questions not opinioned-based?

3 votes

Fun questions (contests/social events) which require coding: Main or Meta?

3 votes

The duck giveaway 2016, seasonal edition

1 vote

Who Wants to Win a LaTeX Book?