Ryan Fleck

Hello! My name is Ryan, and I'm currently completing my BASc. Computer Engineering at the University of Ottawa in Canada. With any luck, you are a recruiter: I'm looking for one more summer internship during Summer 2020, from May-August.

My experience is primarily in consulting-type roles, working in small teams to create or implement solutions to client problems (while adhering to best practices and standards!) I'm looking for some computer hardware engineering experience for my next internship, or as an alternative, to work as a cog in a larger software development team.

At this point, I have a proven ability to work collaboratively to meet a set of specifications. At IBM, I worked in a team with three others for the full semester, designing prototypes and developing a product. At MNP, (one full year,) I worked in a series of teams, adopted a different role in each (testing, programming, QA,) and met or exceeded productivity expectations.

Hire me for Summer 2020 today!


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