I am a retired physicist, finally getting to do some real physics. I began my love affair of TeX while writing my PhD dissertation with LaTeX 2.09 (way back!) in the 80's. A lot has changed in LaTeX since then!

I am currently writing a 'book' (or several!) on physics based upon a single, intuitive principle I call the The Principal Principle, from which most (all?) of physics (and mathematics as it turns out) follows. This endeavor has not only greatly expanded my understanding of physics and mathematics, it has severally overtaxed my knowledge of TeX/LaTeX. So, here I am, getting great advice from this terrific site and lovin' every minute of it (Love to learn new and useful stuff). I thank everyone here for their efforts and contributions.

About the display name, OneMug: it is a play on words of a once-upon-a-time nickname.

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