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Using Blender for school projects and as a hobby in my Random Animations YouTube series (Shady Puck on YouTube, too). Began April 2015. Self-taught via internet and YouTube tutorials. Hardware: '08 MacBook for building .blends and basement Ubuntu server with I7 and two Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 STRIX graphics cards for rendering. Server bought with money from my lawn mowing business. Laptop is a hand-me-down.

I have begun a Blender Club at my high school which is regularly attended by ten people. We have completed (so far) a variety of simple tutorials and one large project: modeling, texturing, compositing, and rendering a lightsaber. Check us out on YouTube!

Techno music in Garageband with friends (accompanies my YouTube vids). Midget U-18 & Varsity level hockey, left defenseman. Violist. Minecraft Only One Commands. Archery (30 lb recurve bow). Two awesome cats.


Enjoyed my last two years in Honors and AP at my high school. Looking to learn more by reading interesting answers and gauge what I've learned.

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