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Should I accept if the answer says "it can't be done"?
15 votes

One thing I didn't realise when I started here is that one can unaccept an answer and then accept a new one. So I would suggest accepting the "impossible" answer, assuming it is credible (for the ...

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Illustrating a multi-page MWE
Accepted answer
14 votes

The easiest solution I've found involves using the pdfpages package: Compile the MWE into a pdf. pdfpages allows "Several logical pages [to] be arranged onto each sheet of paper", like so: \...

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How "elitist" should the site be?
8 votes

As a novice-to-intermediate user, I might add that my knowledge of TeX plateaued for a long time before I found this site. I don't know anywhere else where I could get information of a quality ...

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Who Wants to Win a LaTeX Book?
2 votes

Ummm... 60? 60. Definitely 60! How many characters is that...

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