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15 votes

Which questions should be marked 'Community Wiki'? Which ones should just be closed?

14 votes

Asking a question and answering it yourself straight away

13 votes

What about these stylized tags like SO has?

9 votes

New Design Launched

9 votes

Etiquette (particularly on voting to close)

8 votes

(Further) guidelines on accepting answers

8 votes

About meta-tagging

7 votes

Etiquette: when is it acceptable to edit anothers' answer?

7 votes

Should we use package names as tags?

5 votes

SO versus MO model (possible FAQ entry)

4 votes

Avoid using the "tex" tag

4 votes

How newbie-friendly should the site be?

3 votes

Is SE the right platform for the meta site?

2 votes

Etiquette on more than one correct answer

1 vote

Should the editing history be visible?

0 votes

What should the site design look/feel/smell like?