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When will @egreg reach 654321
7 votes

Since I don't know if there is some limit for daily reputation I am not able to try to predict. So I'll answer just for fun (and of course based on some other people's vote). 2018-05-01 11:23:47

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The duck giveaway 2016
5 votes

I choose 084 and 157 but I don't know why. Regards.

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Who wants to win a duck? Wait, what?
4 votes

Number 1: 74 Number 2: 147 No reason to choice them.

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The duck giveaway 2016, seasonal edition
2 votes

Oh, the time goes fast! Another year is ending. My numbers now (I already edited the post to insert ●●● there): 074 and 174. 3rd. 176

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Who Wants to Win another LaTeX Book?
2 votes

I choose 245 (well, my wife did to me). Edit: Ow, just now I discovered that we can choose 2 numbers. So my second one is 146 because now is 21:46. Edit 2 So the 3rd number I choose is 058.

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Who Wants to Win a LaTeX Book in 2016?
0 votes

Only now I saw this topic. Hopefully I could vote. I choose 102 103 068

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