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Welcome to my profile! I've been working to make this page a little more pleasant, so it might be a bit messy in the meantime. Also, I wrote it in Physics.SE, so it might look a bit weird in other sites.


I've graduated in Physics at the Institute of Physics at the University of São Paulo in 2020, where I also had some experience with Mathematical Physics. A bit later I got my MSc in Physics at the Federal University of ABC, in 2023. My main interests are Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity, and both Quantum and Semiclassical Gravity. As a consequence, you'll often see me on questions tagged with , , , and so on, but I also like to take a look at what is going on in , , , , , and a bunch of other stuff. On my free time, I also enjoy playing around with LaTeX and I've recently started making YouTube videos about Physics at gravitonick!

While Physics Stack Exchange is not a social network, I'm quite fond of talking about Physics on social networks. If you want to chat about either the technical or bureaucratic aspects of Physics, feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you want to.

Some of my favorite posts on Phys.SE

Beware this section is in continuous, and likely eternal, construction.

  1. Question with links to questions on pretty much everything:
  2. The answer I liked the most to write so far: How to implement a Hilbert space on a manifold? (my answer is essentially a summary on how to do Quantum Field Theory on a Curved Spacetime)
  3. Another of the answers I really liked writing: An explanation of Hawking Radiation (my answer is my attempt at an intuitive, but precise, view on how the Hawking effect works)
  4. How is Hawking radiation formally derived? is a discussion of how the Hawking effect is actually derived, without doing the detailed computations so the answer doesn't get too technical. It is a more technical version of my explanation of Hawking radiation
  5. My answer to "Why do we need tensors in modern physics?" seems to be quite popular, and I must admit I really enjoyed writing it too
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