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Why do people answer in comments?
55 votes

I also often find myself dropping a comment instead of answering. In addition to what was already answered here, my reasons mostly are Might be too localized. If the answer to a huge question is a ...

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From Answers to Packages
21 votes

TeX.SX Answer: Two-column text with circular insert by Stephan Lehmke Brief Description: The package pullquote allows to create differently-shaped inserts in two-column balanced texts. Possible ...

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Misguided answer motivation
18 votes

I think you have the logic backwards in your reasoning. Comments telling something like "this question will not get many answers" are not an effort to "educate" the person who asked, but an ...

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Policy for deleting own answers
Accepted answer
17 votes

I'd find it hard to say when this should occur. A popular answer might turn out to be too special or even erroneous much later, so its less popular sibling might be the only survivor. Also a not so ...

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Can I ask a question about the pdf format to solve a tikz issue?
Accepted answer
13 votes

You have given the necessary connection to TeX yourself. This means IMO the question is perfectly on topic here. Although the site description explicitly mentions "Related software and tools, BibTeX, ...

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Question about "is it possible without using specific packages"
11 votes

I don't think this can be answered in all generality. If the purpose of the question is more like "how can I program this effect myself", I doubt it would be considered a duplicate of a question "...

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Why were my edits rejected?
10 votes

Please note that writing all lowercase is indeed a dedicated style of writing rooted in bauhaus tradition. Some references: Bauhaus Typography Essay Wikipedia on Herbert Bayer Wikipedia on "...

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Is it okay to ask the OP to accept the answer?
9 votes

From a broader perspective, the usefuless of the site as a whole increases significantly if a useful answer is accepted immediately, shifting acceptance later if neccessary. I am happy about every ...

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Text building blocks
8 votes

A lot of non-answers I see are really comments by users who don't have enough rep to comment, so the text about follow-up questions is not really appropriate. The question is what should be the ...

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Who Wants to Win a LaTeX Book?
4 votes

Is this a quiz? Anyway, I'm taking 170 which is the age of Springer Verlag :-)

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