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No, you cannot revoke a vote to re-open. It's similar to casting a "Looks Good" vote on a post in the Low Quality Post review queue (say). Once it's cast, you can't take it back. However, you can retract close votes (since Jun 2013). Don't fret though, because you can cast a vote to close if the question gets re-opened, perhaps adding a comment to the post ...


The only general voting behaviour that requires an explanation is closure. All other voting (including up-voting, down-voting, voting to re-open and voting to delete) can be done without adding any reference or motivation. So, without any additional comment, or explanation under those circumstances, you have make a judgement based on what is contained within ...


Since this is a discussion question, here is an answer that does not really answer the question. I guess that you implicitly ask that the rules of this site are to be changed in such a way that one has to specify a reason for why the question is to be reopened. And I almost fully agree with this request: after all, one also has to specify a reason for the ...


The usual approach is to vote to reopen (if you have that privilege). It's reasonable to add a comment suggesting why you want to reopen the post as other users who review it won't know what may have changed since the post has been closed. If that fails, visit the chat room where there are heavy-weights that could be persuaded to support you (including ...


Given that people can change their minds, this isn't a problem (in the same way that you can retract a close vote). There isn't a good reason to disallow close votes - given that edits or additional comments may push the question to something that you'd rather close (for example).


Some questions are closed for no good reason. Moreover, those who voted for the closure do not want to go back on their vote at all, regardless of the arguments. For example, it was closed for no reason and reopened at @Mico's request, not without difficulty. How to migrate from numprint to siunitx while keeping the same font? So the question you should ...


Your request is granted: the question is open :-)

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