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Very interesting question. :-) IMHO our community is known as very technical and straight to the point. To quote Jeff himself: I agree that TeX is so technical that nobody should really end up here by accident. That said, from time to time we happen to see questions that somehow tease our senses. First of all, the title was very catchy; these three ...


Just a quick addendum to Paulo's post: it's also a very good question when assessed purely as an SE-type question. The actual question is very clear and easy to understand, well-framed, and it is easy to judge an answer. Many of our other highly-voted questions are a bit dubious and I'm not so happy having them as a prime example of what is a good ...


I think (and m0sa's terse comment seems to back me up) that this happened because the question was migrated: the votes were migrated along with the question, but the view counter was reset.


Jeff wrote on Twitter about it.


It was on Hackernews and made it to the front page. This usually involves a lot of traffic. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3036501


In the list view of questions, certain numbers are rounded. Hover over them and you'll see the actual view count: Visit the actual question and you'll see at the top right of the page:


I ended up posting that question on meta Stack Overflow (there), but it turned out to be a duplicate of Is there a possibility of seeing a graph of a question's views over time? Short (yet definitive) answer: no, that's not possible.


Because this is a cool question. EDIT: Oh my. I intended that terse and sort of vacuous remark you can find above to be a tongue-in-cheek answer, on which I would then more seriously elaborate. But then I forgot to do it ;) Thanks to whoever downvoted it, as it brought it to my attention again. My point about the “coolness” of the Cthulhu question is that ...

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