Paulo Cereda has developed the awesome TeXPrinter for precisely this purpose. It's a Java application with a very clean interface that takes a question ID and saves the question thread as a PDF or a TeX file. There's a video explaining the usage.


This would be very similar to requesting MathJax support, which has been declined here as we're more interested in the code rather than the output. That doesn't mean the output is not important, of course. Moreover, many of the code posted by users here contain errors which they don't know how to correct. Or, it contains customizations that are found ...


Every site from the StackExchange network has a mobile version. And that includes our beloved community as well. :) According to the Powers That Be: If we detect a whitelisted mobile device user agent, you will automatically receive an optimized mobile view of any Stack Exchange on your smartphone. And also: Please note, however, that if you do find ...


This is something that has been (feature) requested back in 2011 on Meta.SE: Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments and is truly something that will have to be implemented network-wide. The only automated suggestion is a web-script that you can install via Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey.


The generic printing option Stack Printer covers the entire Stack Exchange network. For this question: the PDF output resembles:


Well, doncherry is right: I think the answer to this one will be: The site is optimized for normal screens, on which this problem isn't a problem; for mobile devices, there's the mobile version. The iPad and other tablets are something in between, unfortunately. A lot of the issues that the iPad interface has to deal with -- weird skipping, screen real ...


The fixing of a bug related to the spacing involved un-smashing the number: This is status-completed, and the fact that there was a bug indicates that yes, it should be (has been) increased.


You should see something similar if you hover the mouse over your name. For example, I see Following the edit: On StackExchange 2.0 sites (like here) things work differently to 1.0 sites like StackOverflow. Reputation appears by your name and updates automatically (some HTML5 magic, I assume). Responses, new badges and so on are handled by the 'universal ...


If you are still having issues on a site please force refresh your browser.


I have created another Greasemonkey (Firefox) / Tampermonkey (Chrome) script that use clipboard.js. When you hover a code section (<pre><code>) there is a small </> sign that appears on the top right corner of the script. You click it and voilà ! The code is available on this Gist. How to use it : Install Greasemonkey (Firefox) / ...


The Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) script provides this functionality through a very minimal icon in the top-right corner of a code display: I have the script activated via Tampermonkey in Chrome, but it is supported in other browsers as well.


As @paul-gessler has commented, this has been asked several times before, and the community of TeX.SE is generally against such a feature, mostly because of problems with erroneous code, compatibility, or output that requires multiple files (like bibliographies). However, I am strongly in favour of this feature, if it is implemented with a separate syntax. ...


I have created a Greasemonkey script that injects the following css (for print) : @media print { * { visibility: hidden; } #content * { visibility: visible; } header, #left-sidebar, #sidebar, form, .bottom-notice, .comments-link, .aside-cta { display: none; } #mainbar { width: 100%; } div.post-text { ...

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