This would be very similar to requesting MathJax support, which has been declined here as we're more interested in the code rather than the output. That doesn't mean the output is not important, of course. Moreover, many of the code posted by users here contain errors which they don't know how to correct. Or, it contains customizations that are found ...


It is being tested on Stack Overflow only. Plans to roll this out to all networks across Stack Exchange is currently unlikely as each graduated site has its own design elements that might not fit well with a universal dark mode switch. I would assume each site would have to initiate its own poll to see whether it would warrant the time to come up with a site-...


This is something that has been (feature) requested back in 2011 on Meta.SE: Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments and is truly something that will have to be implemented network-wide. The only automated suggestion is a web-script that you can install via Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey.


The generic printing option Stack Printer covers the entire Stack Exchange network. For this question: the PDF output resembles:


The SOX Stack App provides a bunch of optional features, one being "an improvement to answer visibility" - a showcase of links to 5 other highest-ranking answers (by score) on that page. Changing the sorting order (between active, oldest and votes) will give you a different list of 5 answers. Since our average answers-per-question count is under 2 ...


The fixing of a bug related to the spacing involved un-smashing the number: This is status-completed, and the fact that there was a bug indicates that yes, it should be (has been) increased.


I have created another Greasemonkey (Firefox) / Tampermonkey (Chrome) script that use clipboard.js. When you hover a code section (<pre><code>) there is a small </> sign that appears on the top right corner of the script. You click it and voilà ! The code is available on this Gist. How to use it : Install Greasemonkey (Firefox) / ...


For firefox there is a nice add-on to add this missing feature https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/copy-code/?src=api With this add-on every code block has a little button at the top right which copies the whole block to your clipboard.


I don't think so. Most answers at best quote from package documentation, which is best inserted via a link if at all. There is very little published work on TeX itself apart from the TeXbook and the PracTeX journal. And this functionality has nothing to do with TeX bibliography packages. You can insert a link by clicking on the circled icon in the image ...


The Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) script provides this functionality through a very minimal icon in the top-right corner of a code display: I have the script activated via Tampermonkey in Chrome, but it is supported in other browsers as well.


As @paul-gessler has commented, this has been asked several times before, and the community of TeX.SE is generally against such a feature, mostly because of problems with erroneous code, compatibility, or output that requires multiple files (like bibliographies). However, I am strongly in favour of this feature, if it is implemented with a separate syntax. ...


I have created a Greasemonkey script that injects the following css (for print) : @media print { * { visibility: hidden; } #content * { visibility: visible; } header, #left-sidebar, #sidebar, form, .bottom-notice, .comments-link, .aside-cta { display: none; } #mainbar { width: 100%; } div.post-text { ...


To the 22:48 (about) GMT+1 of 2021-06-10 it has been recreated the light background color.

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