don's personal presence on the internet is essentially limited to his web pages at stanford. on his tex page he lists a contact for reporting "purported errors". this still happens to be me, although the duty was officially turned over to karl berry as of 1 january 2015. as don has said many times, he does not have an e-mail address; he relies on the good ...


There is no way this can be done by users, since it may be a very subjective approach to moderation which is not visible to other users. Instead, it is suggested to either flag the users' posts or comments - anything that would get the attention of a moderator - and explain the situation. Also see: Flag abusive users


We've had a number of questions regarding the enforcement of "policy" about site usage. And, it most cases, such enforcement is really not possible, nor warranted. We have many users who literally come-and-go after having received help. To them, userXXXX as a username is sufficient, and they don't really care, nor should we. It still represents an ...


I think you raise two unrelated issues. The second one is a bunch of poor answers. There I think really the site is working as designed, the answers have few votes (negative total in some cases) which is the site's mechanism for distinguishing good from bad answers. The first issue with new users repeat posting is very common . As happened in some of the ...


There is an even better answer listed on his web pages, more specifically, on the page answering the FAQ question ‘So you’ve retired?’: The only way to gain enough efficiency to complete The Art of Computer Programming is to operate in batch mode, concentrating intensively and uninterruptedly on one subject at a time, rather than swapping a number of ...


On my user page I see a field "my logins": When I click on it I can "add more logins ...", that brings me to https://tex.stackexchange.com/users/login?noauto=true&returlUrl=%2Fusers%2Fcurrent where I can add a StackExchange account.


You need at least 1000 rep a non-empty “About me” box. More info: How does the User Card popup work?


From https://tex.stackexchange.com/privileges/set-bounties – When does a bounty expire? If you do not award the bounty within 24 hours of the bounty period ending, half the bounty value will be automatically be awarded to the top voted answer posted after the bounty start, provided it has a score of at least 2. If no new answer matches this ...


You had two accounts, one unregistered. I have merged them: you should now have full control of the older question.


As far as I understand it, the technique is to click on the "log in" link in the top bar: Then log in using the same credentials you used on the source site (where you should have an existing account). This should automatically merge the two accounts (associate them with one another) and re-unite any migrated posts waiting. If you don't have an account ...


Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee is also known as TimBL. The only user having that name is on StackOverflow: He has asked only one question to date (Jul 10 at 15:56). Moreover, he is involved only with StackOverflow. No other similar users exist on TeX.SE.


First, locate the "StackExchange" button at the top-left of the screen: Next, click on the little downward-pointing arrow next to "StackExchange" and bring up the following menu (only the top part is shown): Finally, locate the "log out" button and click on it. Mission accomplished!


This has been designated status-bydesign on Meta.SO. And, while the questions linked there have been successfully adjusted to reflect updated user names, some posts still hold an incorrect username in the revision history (like the one linked in the question).


Should work now. The merge confused chat, I'm not yet sure why, but your chat account is now repaired.


Anywhere between 5 minutes and a day, depending on what's being synced. I believe most things sync on an hourly basis.


If you see something that is untoward in terms of users' profiles, then you can flag something posted by that user (question, answer or comment) for moderator attention and explain your concern. If they have posted nothing, then find a moderator in chat. The moderator should follow up with the user and could take further steps if needed. However, there are ...


This really is a non-issue primarily because links to user profiles are far less likely to be followed than links to posts. There might be the odd user who want's to learn more about person X you mentioned through a profile link in your post, but it's definitely only a handful*. If someone finds a post that has a link to a deleted user, they can edit it out; ...

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