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Promotional material in usernames

I normally speak names in my mind when writing, and addressing furniture, numbers, random letters, long sentences, political statements, names written in scripts I don't understand, names containing ...
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OP asks the same question two or three times or does the same strange things several times

I think you raise two unrelated issues. The second one is a bunch of poor answers. There I think really the site is working as designed, the answers have few votes (negative total in some cases) ...
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Promotional material in usernames

I'm the lead developer of TopAnswers, and I'm responding here as my name has come up in the comments, and because I want you to know that it makes a difference to me that you, and/or one other another ...
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12 votes

How to ensure that upon my demise, ownership of all my contributions in the StackExchange network is transferred to Community Wiki?

I think the short answer is that there is no official method to do this. To understand why, we need to think about how StackExchange operates (or at least the model that is supposed to apply). Posts ...
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Promotional material in usernames

There are two issues here: Advertisement in usernames Length of usernames in the chat Note that if I choose a username @yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo, it has the same appearance problems as any ...
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Promotional material in usernames

Let's do some examples. The nickname is [email protected]. is a site that sells something --> no good, it is spam. is a site of porn, violence, racism --> ...
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How do I log out?

First, locate the "StackExchange" button at the top-left of the screen: Next, click on the little downward-pointing arrow next to "StackExchange" and bring up the following menu (only the top part is ...
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Children's photo in the profiles

If you see something that is untoward in terms of users' profiles, then you can flag something posted by that user (question, answer or comment) for moderator attention and explain your concern. If ...
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Promotional material in usernames

My sincerest apologies: Sometimes(?) I lag behind when it comes to looking through internet communication practices that are new to me. Before reading this question and the answers to it, I thought ...
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Should we reformat references to deleted accounts?

This really is a non-issue primarily because links to user profiles are far less likely to be followed than links to posts. There might be the odd user who want's to learn more about person X you ...
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Promotional material in usernames

Thanks @JosephWright for posting! I add my opinion. Quite frankly :-) other opinions welcome. It's about abusing the name feature for transporting an advertisement, by a single setting that's creating ...
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