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It is now really hard to see if there is something in the review queue. There is no notification on the symbol itself and after clicking on it, the only indication is a pale grey dot on a pale background:


yet another case of


The red colour of the textual highlights across the main site work on a light background, but is difficult to read on the black top bar, and becomes almost illegible upon hovering: Related: Historically we used to have blue textual highlights/links, which were subsequently changed to red.


Issue now solved, thanks to an update of the top-bar I would like to emphasis the fact that the choice of the red color for the StackExchange logo is not, imho, very successful. Indeed, due to the red color, every time my eye comes closer to the top-left region, it triggers something in my mind like "I got a message / there is an error / Something has to ...


In line with their extremely poor attitude towards the volunteers, helping out on this site, the Stack Exchange team has not even denied this request, but chose to simply ignore it. Therefore I decided to just ad-block the banner using uBlock origin (together with all other ads on this site). The custom blocking rules for all Stack Exchange sites and Stack ...


Apart from the ugly color of the word "StackExchange", I would have preferred to have the search field on the right.

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