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Splitting vague tags is time-consuming, causes lots of random bumping, and is only worth it if all or nearly all of the relevant posts are sorted out and the new distinction is valuable. So, I'd be cautious. If you are still keen, I suggest tackling just the clearest case and reporting back. That seems to be the preview case: of 78 tagged questions, 20 ...


It seems pretty much irredeemably broken. Looking over the first few questions tagged that way it seems to cover stretchy symbols \left\right stuff could be tagged delimiters if not already large file sizes could be tagged memory or database or ... box sizing stuff. could be tagged boxes if not already I suppose if someone is bored on a rainy afternoon ...


I started re-tagging the question, a bunch a day, about two dozens, so that it doesn't fill the front page completely. I don't think more interaction is needed, I'll let Joseph know when I'm finish so that the tag can be officially zapped. Being there, I discovered that we should probably synonymise: dimension-expressions -> dimensions unit-of-measure -> ...


I think we have here a tag that is so broad as to be meaningless. As suggested in a comment, book should presumably apply to things specific to the book class in analogy to article or report. On the other hand, I'm not really sure what books means: it might be books about TeX, creating books, etc. I'd therefore suggest that one goes in favour of either book-...


And just so I don't get accused of solely tooting my own horn :-), the pgfplots tag is really good too.


I'll give it a shot and answer the questions. 1. Don't use back ticks in tag wiki excerpts. 2. The status quo has changed since the creation of this question: Now, the excerpt is not shown by default on the tag wiki page. Hence, it'd be good if the tag wiki contained the information given in the excerpt as well. After all, that's what an excerpt is: a ...


Here is on suggestion. Feel free to suggest others in the answers section, if you have alternative suggestions. And then perhaps after a while we can decide on one course of action. Based on Paul's inspection of the questions that are tagged as code, it seems that it might be appropriate to make the tag about typesetting code for (other) programming ...


I'm fairly pleased with the biblatex tag wiki.


tables isn't called tabular because it also covers questions about similar environments like tabularx and tabulary. The tag is about aligning table elements, but also about spacing, adding captions and rules, dealing with multi-column and multi-row areas etc. \raggedright is about aligning paragraphs to the left margin of the text block. An alternative name ...


Today I extended the mathmode tag wiki by links to internal and external resources such as packages, tutorials, special related tags and example questions.


To report an interim result: As of now, every entry on the first two "Tags" pages features a tag wiki excerpt. The highest-scoring tag without wiki excerpt is now algorithms (63 questions).


This seems to be fixed now. I have edited at lest ten previously empty tag wikis since I joined (which is after this question was posted) and I have never noticed this problem.


The linguistics tag also reasonably comprehensive.


It's not clear describing the symbol in the title is always an improvement or helps later searches, in fact sometimes rather the opposite. Some special symbols need special answers but most likely these questions get answered by some general advice on how to look up a symbol, or get closed as duplicates of "How to look up a symbol or identify a math symbol ...

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