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The columns tag description says: {columns} is specifically about columns in {tables} (though often the latter tag will suffice). If your question is about {two-column} documents or the {multicol} package, use the respective tag instead. Hence, columns is for tables, sometimes it is wrongly used for two-column documents. When you see a post with the wrong ...


I guess asking to create a package in a question would "need more focus", i.e., is too broad for the site. Converting an answer to a specific question into a generally applicable package is likely to be a lot of work, in providing sensible user commands, testing, writing documentation, and further maintainance. Alternatively it could be argued that ...


As a general rule, in case of errors or unexpected output, we should err on the side of more information rather than less. This wouldn't be the first time an editor has caused a compilation error by sending something strange. That's something I often deal with offline with my students as well


To the 22:48 (about) GMT+1 of 2021-06-10 it has been recreated the light background color.

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