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What is the point of the ducks tag in non meta tex

You are right, the ducks tag is quite pointless outside of Meta. Since ducks are sort of an inside joke on TeX.SX, I have retagged all the ducks questions (following the same reasoning as in A ...
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What is the point of the ducks tag in non meta tex

This is too long for a comment, but it's meta anyway. :) I remember when I saw this question in our main site: LaTeX template for the journal "Blood" Almost instinctively, and having ...
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Merge {hyperlink} and {links}

I agree link and hyperlink should be merged. the tag wiki for link says explicitly it is about hyperlinks, and I don't think (this century) people do (or should) refer to non hyperlinked cross ...
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"header" tag synonym of "header-footer"

I've started the process of adding header as a synonym for header-footer. Users with more than 2,500 reputation and a total answer score of 5 or more on the tag, can suggest tag synonyms. Users ...
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Should [springer] and [springernature] be synonyms of [sv-classes]?

Proposal: Keep springer as the master tag, and make springernature and sv-classes as its synonyms.
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