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Adjusting the line spacing The newest changes to the site have increased the line spacing in a way that makes text less readable to many of us. To change it back to something more readable add the following to your local .css (I use Stylus, but you can also use the Greasemonkey approaches outlined in the other answers.) .s-prose { line-height: 1.3; ...


Go to the list of answers in your profile. At the bottom, there's a link 'recently deleted answers': That will lead you to a page which "shows answers you posted that were deleted in the last 60 days. This includes answers to questions that were deleted." Normally, you'll need 10k reputation to see deleted posts, but an exception is made for your ...


Since it's the only question using the f tag, removing it from that question (I've just submitted a suggested edit for that) will automatically delete the tag when the tag pruning script runs (once every 24 hours): What *currently* happens to zombie tags?

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