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There doesn't exist a native way of doing that on the network. However, as already mentioned in Schrödinger's cat's answer, you can use the image search option with Google, targeting this site via Note though that this may only be valuable in select instances where posters did use images. Some threads only post an image in the ...


One thing one can do is to perform a Google image search for <search term(s)> I am using this sometimes to find possible duplicates, and, according to my experience, this turns out to work surprisingly well. Actually, I sometimes wish that users asking questions could do that search themselves. If they end up not ...


The follow button is meant to give you inbox notifications for any changes related to that question or answer. Yes, it is specific to post that you follow, either an answer or a question. Here is the original pop-up notification pointing to the follow button: Use cases here could vary. For some, they may downvote a poor question with some suggested changes ...


The pink background means that the flagged question, answer or comment has been deleted.

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