This is not a bug, but accurately reflects the reputation gained over a particular period of time. If you look at the Users page you can select the period of time: So it's entirely possible for a user who gives a lot of bounties to have a negative reputation when calculated over one of these smaller time periods.


Being a user with good reputation doesn't mean you will never see a CAPTCHA. It does mean that you won't see it as much as a new/anonymous user. There are a lot of different factors that go into when it comes up (including posting many posts in a short time period).


You do not have enough reputation to add another bounty. You added a 250 rep bounty on December 5th. For you to add another one, you must double the reputation. You do not have 500 reputation to offer such a bounty.


For the purpose of pretty much everything where it matters, a "new user" is anyone who doesn't have the remove new user restrictions privilege. If you have less than 10 reputation and post an answer to a question 30 days or more after it was asked, your answer is going to end up in /review. We'll dequeue it if your reputation exceeds 100 before the post is ...


It is status-bydesign, as per-site metas (or child metas) don't actually have an exclusive profile. :( The only exclusion is Meta.SO, since it covers network-wide meta-related content, and have individual user profiles separate from StackOverflow. As reference, see Hat not showing on site meta.


This seems status-bydesign. Based on the current time of 2014-09-10 14:31:43Z, "today" is defined to be the time range 2014-09-09 14:31:44Z to 2014-09-10 14:31:43Z (or the past 24 hours) and is listed in a "just now", "Xs ago", "X mins ago" or "X hours ago" fashion; "yesterday" is defined to be the time range 2014-09-08 14:31:44Z to 2014-09-09 14:31:43Z (or ...


As Oded mentioned, there are a number of factors that may cause a CAPTCHA to appear. One of these is time. Perhaps the time was very short. I've typed up answers while riding the bus, and switching to a different network before posting made CAPTCHAs appear as well. Not sure whether there might be linkage with the locality (network) when it comes to saving/...


Given that people can change their minds, this isn't a problem (in the same way that you can retract a close vote). There isn't a good reason to disallow close votes - given that edits or additional comments may push the question to something that you'd rather close (for example).


This feature is not part of the stackexchange feature set. New features can only be requeseted on the primary meta site https://meta.stackexchange.com/. Feel free to post your request there. If you want to have certain comments under your post removed, you can flag them for moderator attention. A moderator can then delete them. The neutral way is to flag ...


It is true that tex.stackexchange looks a lot like a social network of friends who greet each other, vote for each other (and point it out), ask for relevant comments to be deleted because the person who made the comment is not a friend or a buddy. However, stackexchange is not a network of friends. It is a place of mutual support open to all and everyone ...


This question never received an official answer, but it seems clear from Anna Lear's revision that this is status-bydesign; that is, expected behavior.

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