If you actually find questions that are related to your package content, then you can fire an answering frenzy by mentioning you can also do this with <insert package name> and so on. Then I don't see why it should be a problem since we have loads of package authors answering questions with their own poison of choice. And it is a very very good thing ...


What can TeXample.net do for TeX Stack Exchange? A banner on the main page and on the TikZ page, meaning: if you have questions about TikZ, go to TeX Stack Exchange to get an answer. The TeXample TikZ gallery collects examples from TeX.SE and links prominently here. The TeXample site lists TikZ question snippets from TeX.SE, via a tag feed collector, ...


Strange, mostly I use the site for the opposite use: Don't use longtable Longtable vs. supertabular: Which is right for which job? Don't use xspace https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/86620/1090 Don't use tabularx Alignment in tabularx environment Column width table in tabularx environment https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/145918/1090 https://tex....


As I promised above, here are samples what my books are telling the world and specifically new TeX users about our site TeX.SE. I will post some pure screenshots.


One of your users reached out to us over at GDSE in our chatroom. I have produced this for your community based on the graphics already used on your site. First Version Updated with hyphen and attempted to justify as much as possible: Second Version With the help of Paulo Cereda the final version looks like: Come and check out GDSE soon, we welcome ...


I support your idea entirely and would suggest that TeXample.net remains as a repository of excellent graphic designs by TikZ and centralize the questions only to tex.stackexchange.com by probably placing a link on each example provide back to this site. Probably the logo for tex.stackexchange.com would suffice. I may even add a login on TeXample.net for ...


In theory, yes. In practice, I'm not sure how much TeX SE swag we have left in the warehouse, or if there's any at all. (The original print run for this site was before I joined the company.) The best thing to do is what Mad Scientist said: contact us using the "Other" option, and we'll see what we can do.


As a mailing list subscriber, I don't think I would appreciate posts specifically advertising TeX.SX. However, sometimes I will post a link to an answer on the site in response to a question on a mailing list. This is entirely appropriate, and is a good way to publicize the site without explicit advertising.


Making a pamphlet for this site could be useful, if you have ideas for what you want to do with it. We made the English one mostly as a way to promote our academic programs, and to give the SE Ambassadors something to hand out to the people in their group. It wasn't very hard to make - you can use these section guidelines as a jumping off point if you want ...


At TUG 2011 Stefan Kottwitz made a presentation of TeX.SX which is relevant in converting mailing list users. It includes a comparison of different communication forms and lists some advantages of TeX.SX.


I'll go there and plan to give a talk about high quality commercial/open source database publishing with TeX. I should send a proposal for the talk to the organizers.


Some of us on the Community Manager team are interested in improving the Blog Overflow experience. One of the proposals we are considering is to use the Stack Exchange engine or parts of it. There are lot's of little issues to consider, however. It's also effort that would be expended on a feature that most sites don't use and tends to be tangential to ...


I will go to DANTE 2012 and make a talk about TeX online communities, similar to the talk at the TUG 2011 conference in India. Luckily I don't need hotel or flight. I'll stay with relatives who live 50km from that city, so I'll just rent a car for those days. The program already shows talks of Patrick, Herbert, Martin, Uwe and me, so some members of our ...


I'll be there and give my tutorial about TeX in the 21st century.


Maybe you could integrate http://github.com as well to provide a place for all the wonderful tikz-enhancements nobody finds in the www. That's what the folks of jquery planned to do with their plugin site, see http://blog.jquery.com/2011/12/08/what-is-happening-to-the-jquery-plugins-site/ .


What can TeXample.net do for TeX Stack Exchange and Vice Versa? -> tags/categories mapping between pages TeXample.net has very nice categorisation : http://texample.net/tikz/examples/ I think that subcategories can link to TeX.SE tags sets to show questions related with given subtopic (I assume that each subcategory can be referenced to intersection of ...


I'll go, have a talk on labeling letters and the creation of photo albums.


I would like to elaborate on the following point Stefan made: Kindly invite LaTeX users on related sites like for example here on SO. There are now many Stack Exchange sites (81 at the moment!) and on some there can come up LaTeX questions that really belongs here. There are a few ways for us to make people on other SX sites to make them aware of ...

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