Voting is intended to be anonymous, and so there is a limited amount that we can say about specific votes. That said, there is some information we can pick up about patterns. The automated script which reverses 'serial' votes does know who votes for who. So the fact that it's acted here suggests that there was some pattern here. There is also a certain ...


Every question has its own RSS feed. At the very least, the following link should appear at the end of each page: There are hundreds of applications that will notify you when there is new activity in a given feed. The Safari browser, for example, does this out of the box. Google Reader is a popular web-based option. If you want more suggestions, just ask!


You can make the question a favorite by clicking the star below the voting arrows. If you then go to your profile page you will see a 'favorites' tab with a red number showing how many of them changed since you last watch the favorites page: That's not the same as a direct notification, because you have to check your own profile to see it, but still good ...

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