I think that such a question should be mandatory.* Given that TeX aims to be as bug-free as possible, fixes are nowadays rather on the esoteric side, mostly about obscure corner cases, but who knows? And surely, having a place where to look for “official” information, beside the usual TUGboat channel, would be handy. * I don't think I'll ask it, though. 😉


The Q&A format of the Stack network doesn't lend itself well to a standalone post (SO tried this with the documentation experiment; it didn't go well). In that sense, no, you should not post your example. But there is an alternative. You can transform your post into a true Q&A. What is the trickiest part of the table? You can create the rest of ...


To add to the answer of Teepeemm (with which I agree): to help future visitors to the site the most, it is important that a Q&A-pair focuses on a single aspect or issue to be solved. We get many questions along the lines of "how do I draw this complex table", some with a code attempt and some without, but even if the question already contains a ...


An old question may have existing answers with many votes already, so a new answer that's more up-to-date and even more recommendable would start with less votes. It may get better over time, commenting and adding a bounty on the question may help. However, you could post your concerns and recommendations to an existing answer with the suggestion to edit it: ...


There's a list of questions in your profile: There's one direct link which works for all users: https://tex.stackexchange.com/users/current?tab=questions. It will automatically redirect to your own questions. Alternatively, you can combine the two search options user:me and is:q to search for 'posts by yourself' which 'are questions'; this might be useful ...


You're right, line spacing has been increased as mentioned here on Meta Stack Exchange: New post formatting Many people don't like the change, and posts like Please revert the line-height change! and this answer are very popular right now.


I've added an answer to our Make TeX.SX look nice again! question showing how to adjust the line spacing to something more readable. Adjusting the line spacing


I put a disposition of the community one site https://www.screentogif.com/ that I have just found yesterday to record the screen, webcam and sketchboard and convert it to .gif. Here there is the screenshot with the different languages.

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