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How is it possible to answer a closed question without asking for it to be reopened?

According to How was this answer posted after this question was closed? (found by Joseph Wright in the comments) the server accepts answers to closed questions for a grace period of up to four hours ...
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6 votes

Is it possible to give away the golden hammer "privilege"?

No. In the same way that mod votes are binding as we are expected to have experience in using them, once you have shown knowledge in a particular tag it's expected that you do know about it. So you ...
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5 votes

Do we want to volunteer to test the lowered voting privilege?

I suggest: Yes, provided StackExchange Inc. promises to help mods clean up the mess in case the experiment goes badly. My gut feeling is to agree with the major reservations expressed by others. I’d ...
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4 votes

Why can't low-reputation users see protected questions?

The protected question list is nothing special and compares well with the moderator tools page (viewable at 10k reputation). For some users it is helpful to identify posts that may need attention, ...
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2 votes

What are the privileges and duties of assigning a gold badge in a tag?

A tag score of 1,000 on a minimum of 200 answers shows that you have a huge experience in that field. The golden tag badge shows that, and it shows the trust in your expertise. This trust comes with ...
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