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We can't offer every feature of the desktop site on the mobile version due to space constraints, so we tend to drop the less frequently used features. You can of course switch to the full version via the footer and do it that way (then switch back). So there's a workaround.


[Answered from my iPad] A shorter workflow is to submit screenshots rather than the actual pictures. You take a screenshot by pressing the "home" and "power" buttons simultaneously. The screenshot automatically goes to the camera roll, which can be directly accessed from Safari--it's the only thing you can get to from a conventional "upload" menu. The ...


Well, doncherry is right: I think the answer to this one will be: The site is optimized for normal screens, on which this problem isn't a problem; for mobile devices, there's the mobile version. The iPad and other tablets are something in between, unfortunately. A lot of the issues that the iPad interface has to deal with -- weird skipping, screen real ...


I have found this before as well - difficulty logging into chat, even from the full site from my laptop. The way I circumvent this issue with logging into TeX, LaTeX and Friends is to log into the main Stack Exchange first, and then going to the chat room of your choice. Start out by clicking on the chat link at the bottom of the mobile site: You should ...

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