The general rules on what are 'good' migrations are that the question should be well-written on-topic on the target site not on-topic for the 'source' site The last point is important in the sense that the original poster has made some form of choice of where to ask: it might be accidental, but it might equally be deliberate if the question is arguably on-...


In general flags should only be considered not helpful if they were really useless or used wrong. There is a penalty for denying flags after all and the moderator must justify why the flag was denied. If the flagged question is in a gray area -- for e.g. migration or otherwise -- and the moderator decides after careful consideration that no action is ...


Martin has covered the 'helpful' concept pretty well: it's about whether the flag was 'sensible', but that is not the same as 'acted upon' (otherwise flagging could do tasks automatically). On the migration question, in the mod chat the point has been made that migration should be because the question will contribute to the target site, not just that it's ...


An explicit migration path to TeX.SE was initially realized on June 5th, 2012. Following this route doesn't guarantee migration here. If some (other/the majority of) users designate the post as off-topic without specifying an appropriate migration path, then the post might end up as "Off topic" without being migrated, even though you voted/requested it. Why ...


I'm by no means an expert in sweave, but I often can help out with such questions, and I know there are a few others here who can too. I don't think that sweave questions are "generally about R and not TeX" although some are but I do think the main criteria for whether a question should be migrated should depend on the degree to which the question is about ...


This is now fixed, as Geoff indicates. (I'm posting a CW answer so that I can mark the question as answered in a little while.)


I think it would be great to have these migration paths. Another helpful migration target would be Super User, for questions that don’t involve *TeX after all. We get these questions occasionally; some of them were simply asked on the wrong site, others are just more likely to get a helpful solution when widening the scope of possible tools beyond *TeX.


In such cases such posts should be flagged on the current site to be migrated to TeX.SX. We TeX.SX moderators can't do anything from here exact flag it ourselves. However, this particular post seems to be too old for migration, as the flagging dialog tells me.


The easiest thing to do would be to amend your blurbs to specify that they should register with the same openid credentials as what they use on SO. Of course, if they were unregistered on SO as well, they'd have to register there as well.


These old posts should not be migrated from SO, because: The new policy is against migrating old questions that have already been answered, partly due to problems with the handling of reputation, and also because these migrates are not held to be constructive. See How to migrate old questions to a new graduated site. Instead, questions that are off topic ...


In addition to the paths already mentioned, I would say: Code review, Emacs and Mathematics.


As there seemed to be a fair amount of supporters for SO and ELU (and nobody against new migration paths), but no official SE participation here, I put in a request on meta.so: Request for new migration paths for tex.sx Oh well, they didn't like it and migrated it back here, where the chance of a SE dev helping with the process of finding appropriate ...

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