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Voting on 'poll-like' questions has an issue in that voting for multiple answers is detected as 'serial voting' and is auto-reverted once a day. (See The vote fraud script breaks legitimate polling questions - A serial downvoter's lament for more on this.) Added to that, the fact that many of last year's answers were ported en masse by a single user does ...


Well, after trying for couple days, I came to the conclusion that as long as you vote only 3 times a day in the thread, your votes won't get reverted. This is sort of a good news, even though I still think that votes on one person in one Q&A thread should be considered as one vote only.


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As already mentioned, this is a status-by-design. This has also been raised on Meta.SO, where the answer points to a blog entry by Jeff Attwood called New Per-Site Metas; an introduction to per-site metas across the entire network (July 2010): Reputation is always inherited from the parent site. You cannot gain or lose reputation* on the per-site meta. This ...


You're over-thinking it a bit too much... There will never be a clear black-and-white line on what is on- or off-topic on meta or on the main site. There will always be some subjective view that causes certain questions to fall within some grey area not covered by all the guidelines/suggestions. If you are uncertain about whether or not something is on- or ...


I hit this banner while ticking the "packages I have used" .. of course X) Would it make sense to make an exception for the poll?

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