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Header: Palatino Linotype Text: Lucida Grande Code text: Consolas At least that's what computed CSS says (accessible in FF via Right Click -> Inspect Element -> Right Bottom Panel -> Computed -> font-family). However: Do not use web fonts for printed articles. Do not use web fonts for printed articles. Do not use web fonts for printed ...


The unannounced change should be reverted as soon as possible. I would even remove boldface from the current tab name, normally active, because the rule under the tab name is sufficient. Boldface is a device to be used very sparingly, because it catches attention: with the current setup, tags are more prominent than question titles.


Honestly the SE sites have generally very good designs and very nice choices in regards to how things appear, but the tag change is really a punch in the eye. The tags now are as black as the text, making them virtually indistinguishable from the text at a first sight. I'll just say this: Using bold for everything is like using the highlighter pen for the ...


I think the main site looks a little bit silly now. In the following screenshot, the things encircled in red need to be bold as well. The content of the blue circle needs to be super-mega-bold to fit again. Just reverting the bold tags to normal would be easier and better, though.


We tracked down the bug. The Tex community has a few special classes for text formatting and those happened to conflict with a recent mixin that was added to a global file. The change was unintentional and an update is rolling out soon. Thanks for the catch and your patience.


It seems I’m only able to post answers and not comments, sorry about that. When using derivatives such as XeTeX or LuaTeX, specific font tags can be very useful since the OpenType (or other) font features may vary from font to font. For instance, questions such as “How do I get real superior text in font α?” or “Contextual alternates in font β” would be ...


There's a difference in the colour of the tags. Here's a screen grab from the "legend" on the tags page: {required-tag} has RGB = (68,68,68) {tag} has RGB = (85,85,85) However, this is too close to discern when both are bold. For example, on Meta.TeX.SE one is required to have one of the four tags bug, feature-request, discussion or support which are one-...


This looks particularly ugly on Firefox 43.0.4 on Ubuntu 14.04, in my opinion. There is a lot of extra space around the name of a tag and the { and }.

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