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Attractive though the addition of a duck is, I am not in favour of this proposal. However, I am not opposed on the grounds that it is 'too silly'. I am opposed on the grounds that it would institutionalise what is essentially an 'in joke' and thereby symbolise a kind of exclusivity which I would not like to see the site embrace. I realise that, in practice,...


Like Renaissance mathematicians did, I'll give my guess in encrypted form so as not to influence other participants. I expressed my guess in the format YYYY-MM-DD and issued echo ZZZZZZ YYYY-MM-DD | shasum -a 256 where ZZZZZZ is my old landline phone number (six digits) getting the fingerprint ...


0, 201 .....................................................


2 and 198 (to be close to both egreg and David because they seem to always know what they are doing on TeX.SE)


I think he will never get to the target in 2018 due to several thousand questions about % at end of line being reclassified as duplicates and deleted resulting in a loss of most of his Rep. If I win I think the tikzducks should be re-implemented in picture mode.


clearly this entry is in category b, --- see avatar here ---------------------------------------------- | | V


1 and 200 (just to be more daring than David)


113 and 86 (the ages of my mother and sister if they had survived this long).


Based on this query and linear extrapolation, it should be May 13th, 2018, 14:55:25


Nothing better than good prime duck, so 3 and 197 (lowest and highest available prime numbers)


This is my entry for Category B (pretty sweaters). It features my avatar (a Ulysses butterfly) on a sweater. If it displays right, the wings should flap intermittently. I coded this image using just the tikz and animate packages, and using this image as a reference for the butterfly. Just for fun, I gave myself the personal challenge of creating this using ...


Dogs and cats don't taste so nice, but Duck is very versatile. Roast Duck, Crispy Duck Pancakes, Duck burgers, ....


133 and 55. …do stressed ducks quack under pressure when their goose is cooked? (Sorry if you're not pond of these daffy puns.)


97 and 88, because: sage: randint(1,200) 97 sage: randint(1,200) 88


18-05-18 08:05:08 UTC


May 23, 2018 at around 12:00 noon. This is the cumulative, annual reputation of @egreg, post 2011 (the first year of joining): 2011: 54,140 2012: (+ 92,699; +71.2%) 146,839 2013: (+ 98,357; +6.1%) 245,196 2014: (+ 97,496; -0.9%) 342,692 2015: (+ 96,697; -0.8%) 439,389 2016: (+ 92,547; -4.3%) 531,936 2017: (+ 88,897; -3.9%) 620,833 I used the top-ranked 2D ...


We love any animal, see "The duck pond": showcase of TikZ-drawn animals/ducks! But some of them have a special meaning here. Duane Bibby's lion is the "trademark" of TeX, there are also Meta the lioness and the Hummingbird logo of LaTeX(3) project, for more info see LaTeX mascots/associated animals and Why does TeX have a lion as mascot?. ...


I missed the previous one by one. As every broke gambler knows, patience is the archenemy of the odds. So here we go; 131; I'm a random number generator myself and this is the result. Also another generator agrees; I have generated a new one which is 144.


18 and 67 for the years of Canadian confederation. While not ducks, the Canadian goose is considered waterfowl...


Number 1: 68 Number 2: 130 Numbers generated using Emacs' random function, I'm sure you will appreciate it :) Here is the code (dolist (i '(1 2)) (insert (concat (number-to-string (1+ (random 199))) " ")))


I am opting for the two perfect numbers 6 and 28.


007 and 070. Help me win this, James Bond!


As always; 131; I'm a random number generator myself and this is the result. Also another generator agrees; I have generated another one which is 68.


To give @samcarter the credits back, here the shirt/sweater I made with the nice chess figurine she made for me. It naturally enters in b too.

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