I'm planning to go. And I'll probably submit a paper. Not traveling by train, like Joseph, but by motorbike, of course. ;-)


I plan to attend, to put faces to names of many of the wonderful people here on this site (and elsewhere too), and also to learn about new, exciting developments in the world of TeX and Friends! I submitted an abstract with the title: Pretty-printing Git commit history graphs with PGF/TikZ Update: My abstract was accepted by the conference committee and ...


I'll be going: my first TUG meeting :-) The plan is to talk about the recent work I've been doing on case changing and other things that need Unicode data, so something like Joseph's Adventures in Unicode-land paired with one about the galley entitled Through the \parshape, and what Joseph found there


Guess the answer in my case is going to be yes (might even cycle there) and yes (I plan to give a talk) -- see you there folks


I plan to be there and I plan to submit an abstract, too, with the preliminary title: Creating university journal and theses LaTeX classes/templates. (As a note, it seems that I have currently one empty seat for anybody on the axis Prague--Nuremberg--Darmstadt, probably Sunday overnight in and Thursday morning out.)


I need to get a move on to organise it, but I'd like to attend this year as well. Especially if Joseph will be there, since we've never met before! But I'll need to come up with something to talk about quick smart…


Me too planning to come for TUG-15. :) There is a mailing list for TUG-15 possible attendees. TUG-15 mailing list It will be great to discuss travels plans on mailing list. So that one can refer back to the information specially about travel plans etc. of others to join for travel.


I will try to attend just for the lolz and of course a little bit of autobahn naughtiness... I don't have any idea for an abstract yet and probably I won't anyways. So it depends on how much I can spare.


I will attend TUG 2015. I submitted an abstract entitled Functional data structures in TeX which was accepted.


I'd like to go as well but am not sure if it fits my schedule.


I'm planning to go. And I don't plan to submit a paper.


I plan to arrive Sunday and to stay for the whole conference. Luckily my job projects will allow it, even better, I can do it as a business travel. At work people saw my TikZ generated network architecture drawings.


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I'll be there; arriving on Sunday and departing on Thursday. We should organize a TeX.SE BoF session.

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