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I believe to express a general feeling by saying: Welcome to TeX.SX, Psmith! :)


It's OK to ask on chat but you should not expect an answer (although you may get one anyway). The Q&A site is designed for asynchronous help, you ask a question and it stays visible and can be answered by anyone at any time that they feel convenient. If you ask in chat then although the archives are available, the default site mechanics will mean that ...


The formal way to invite someone to a user-specific chat room is done in the following way: Find the user in list of Stack Exchange chat-users: Note that while you may have a (parent) TeX.SE user account, a chat account is a subsidiary account, since only certain people are allowed to participate (minimum 20 reputation). Expand the chat user profile by ...


You join chat just by visiting the chat room page, so a comment such as I think it's best to discuss this on chat. Care to join me on ? is sufficient. You can copy and paste a comment thread into chat to make discussion easier. As regular users, I don't think we can migrate comment threads ...


What changed is that we started using imgur thumbnails by default in chat; so when you link to, we display, but link to the original: <a rel="nofollow" href="//"> <img src="//" class="user-image" alt="user image"> <...


Ref: Add the ability to reply to a chat message directly from the transcript on Meta Stack Overflow. On the transcript page (where the notification link takes you), open the message menu (by clicking the downward arrow that appears to the left of the message when you hover over it) and click "reply to this message": (your menu will have slightly less ...


From the Chat FAQ: Rooms will exist indefinitely, so long as there is at least one person actively talking in the room. A room is considered worth retaining if it has more than 15 messages by at least 2 users. Rooms not worth retaining which are inactive for 7 days will be deleted. Rooms worth retaining which are inactive for 14 days will be ...


You're should feel free to use the platform the way you choose, whether it's for chatting about ducks, or whether it's asking questions. Those who are here to help will do exactly that. Others might be inclined to request you ask it on the main site (perhaps with the intention of answering it and receiving the accompanying reward). I've often been able to ...


You can use the dropdown to see the rooms and the main chatroom is available there


Not quite proportionally, but it does indeed depend on how many lines the message(s) use and thus how much space is available for the user's "signature" on the left. See this answer of mine on Meta.SO for some more information.


There was a time when active community members felt the number of unanswered questions was growing too rapidly. Perhaps the community seemed more inclined to focus on a steady stream of new, answerable questions than to worry and/or deal with questions that may be out-of-scope or lack too much detail. The result was a scheduled time when everyone can join ...


If the other discussions are about ducks or food, please interfere! You'll make David happy! However, I'd do as you described; in chat, it is better to ask: simple things that on the main site would be answered in comments something too specific for your problem and that wouldn't probably interest anyone else things that need some interaction, which is ...


Scroll the main page all the way down,


I have found this before as well - difficulty logging into chat, even from the full site from my laptop. The way I circumvent this issue with logging into TeX, LaTeX and Friends is to log into the main Stack Exchange first, and then going to the chat room of your choice. Start out by clicking on the chat link at the bottom of the mobile site: You should ...


Should work now. The merge confused chat, I'm not yet sure why, but your chat account is now repaired.


If you go to (click on the large red "TEX" at the top of every page) there is a link at the left hand side: Or bookmark the chat :)


This should now be done: I hope this shows up for you.


Try to find "clear cache" (I don't know the keyboard shortcut).

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