Sure, it's possible. I wrote a simple query, which you can find on Data StackExchange here. It takes in an input of Question ID, and returns a list of User ID and User names who favourited that particular question. E.g. Question ID 8021 is Is there a (La)TeX distribution running on iPad? Running the query on this gives 11 favourites: It's easy to verify ...


I have pushed a fix to dev. The change will go live after our next production build(within 24 hours)


The way Stack Exchange handles bookmarks is through something called favourites. It's the star just below the question voting buttons: Once a question is starred, you'll find it in your favourite's tab (with the URL //<site>/users/<userid>?tab=favorites). Updates to favourites are indicated by a boxed number next to the tab when viewing your ...


The idea of stackexchange is probably to use "favourites" for this, which Johannes_B mentioned in his comment. However I consider them pretty useless (no notification, many false positives...). Instead I use RSS feeds to keep track of interesting question. At the bottom of every question there is a link "question feed", which can be used to subscribe to ...


The fixing of a bug related to the spacing involved un-smashing the number: This is status-completed, and the fact that there was a bug indicates that yes, it should be (has been) increased.


Just do it yourself and you can select whatever colour you want: // ==UserScript== // @name StackExchange TEX, fav bgr colour // @match *://tex.stackexchange.com/* // @grant GM_addStyle // @run-at document-start // ==/UserScript== GM_addStyle ( ` .tagged-interesting{ background-color:#d5dde9 !important; } ` );

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