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Our next interviewee: To be announced


Let's move the blog to a new platform, to keep it and to improve it and to have even more fun with it. Why to keep it? Blog article authors investested time and effort, this should never be lost. We got a wonderful interview series, established by the incredible Paulo Cereda. How can we improve it? Responsive design for better viewing on phones Featured ...


Update: HTTPS support installed, certificate made with "Let's Encrypt". Thanks, I will soon get a certificate for the blog and that will fix it. The blog wasn't https enabled yet, so it happened that it fell back to the next https enabled site on the same server, that's the german FAQ site. I will update this answer then.


A fix for this logo issue has been pushed, and should be active at the next build of the blog network.


Barbara, feel free to add comments and/or questions to Aditya in the interview chatroom. :) We usually wait a couple of days to then "lock" the interview. We want to give the opportunity to our members to read the chatroom transcript and add their own remarks or even submitting questions to the interviewee. The format is working marvelously so far. :) We ...


Thank you! I fixed the post. It was actually just opening and saving, since the markdown plugin is installed but the imported post needed applying it. In addition I adjusted to GeSHi syntax highlighting. I will look through the other posts. I went through them after the transfer but it seems that I did not complete that yet. Thanks again for that notice! ...


The easiest way to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into a WP post is to just copy the HTML code generated by the video's host (available by clicking "Share"). You'll get something like this: <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></...


Some of us on the Community Manager team are interested in improving the Blog Overflow experience. One of the proposals we are considering is to use the Stack Exchange engine or parts of it. There are lot's of little issues to consider, however. It's also effort that would be expended on a feature that most sites don't use and tends to be tangential to ...


This should work just fine now, provided you enter the HTML into the editor's HTML tab - if you try to use the Visual editor on a post containing a definition list, WordPress may mangle embedded paragraphs. Even if you don't touch the list itself while editing. YMMV, but for best results paste it in when in HTML-mode and leave it that way.


i've finally unearthed my bibliography of items on "mathematical typography". i seem to remember that i once made a rash promise to post it as a blog entry when i found it. (it's certainly not appropriate even for the answer to a regular question.) what i need now is a lesson on how to format it -- same markup as used for the q&a, or something else? -- ...


I don't see anything on the blog that couldn't really go into a meta question. In some cases the blog layout formatting is nicer than what could be done on meta, but in most cases I think the meta mark up tools are sufficient. New "blog" posts on meta could be tagged blog so they can be easily found and featured initially so they are given attention. All the ...

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