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Finally! It seems that the Imgur system, which is now used for the "Uploaded picture" option in your profile page (see this link), does not support .png with an alpha channel. Every time I've tried to upload one, it was rendered with a white background on TeX.SE: I was misled by this 2008 discussion about Gravatar's discontinued support for .png with an ...


Not quite proportionally, but it does indeed depend on how many lines the message(s) use and thus how much space is available for the user's "signature" on the left. See this answer of mine on Meta.SO for some more information.


If you see something that is untoward in terms of users' profiles, then you can flag something posted by that user (question, answer or comment) for moderator attention and explain your concern. If they have posted nothing, then find a moderator in chat. The moderator should follow up with the user and could take further steps if needed. However, there are ...

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