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I would say that the actual question is "how can I include the logo in a latex document" Tikz is just a suggested solution in the question. Ignoring suggested solutions in questions is the norm rather than the exception for answers on the site. For logos especially, the correct answer here is almost certainly to download the logo from https://www....


As long as the answer addresses the 'core issue' of the question (here: add a specific logo to a document) then it is a real/legitimate answer. If the answer does not follow the requirements in the question then it may be a bad answer, but still a real answer. It may very well be that an approach outlined in such an answer is actually better than the ...


In my opinion, that answer should be a comment. I flagged it. It's also arguable that Inkscape is easier than TikZ. It depends on which one you know better. Eventually, reproducing a logo is against the trademark laws. I think also the question should be deleted. I also flagged it.

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